Project Management Services

Project Management Services Info

Provide experienced site supervisors and admin staff to complete projects on budget and on time. Our site supervisors have a vast knowledge of oil and gas construction and decommissioning work. Most started from the ground level and worked their way up through different positions, so have the ability to think outside the box.


Abandonment Services

Provide crews and equipment to abandon or decommission wellsites, pipelines, plant sites. We compelete hundreds of sites and pipelines each year, safely and efficiently.

Shut Down & Turn Around

We provide complete services from Vac/combo trucks and crews to semi vac and safety hands.Gamma Jets for Vessels and Tanks.

Ground Disturbance Services


Provide experienced supervisors and crews. Provide Hydro Vac and Mechanical excavations with different sized excavators.

JNH makes abandonment simple.

Contact us for detailed overview and discussion.