Our fleet of Semi-Vac Units are certified to haul both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Ideal for projects involving large volumes of waste material, our Semi-Vac Units are used for fluid transfers, tank cleaning, shipping of waste products, and drilling mud and other solids. Our operators are trained to utilize these units to provide effective and efficient job completion while reducing overall transportation costs.

JNH combo wash units deliver the best features of a vacuum truck and a steamer/boiler/pressure washer system. Operational under extreme weather conditions, combination units offer tremendous value and efficiency for the most demanding job scenarios.

JNH provides safe, clean, precise and cost-effective excavation through our state-of-the-art hydro excavation methods. With our Code HydroVacs we are able to Haul contaminated soils without issues.

JNH fleet of heavy-duty tandem and tri-axel Vacuum Trucks collect and transport (wet or dry) hazardous and non-hazardous materials. They are an essential tool for successful waste management. Capable of cleaning up and transporting unwanted fluids, spills and water material, these Vacuum Trucks are ideal for Spill Response, Fluid Transfers, Tank Cleaning, and Service Rig Work across Western Canada.

JNH TurnAround Support Trailers are equipped with additonal items that are needed for Plant Shut-Downs/Turn Arounds. They are equipped with Spill Containments, Air Movers, Air Hoses, Suction and Pressure Hoses, Door Cannon, Gamma Jetting Equipment and Supplies, Confined Space Rescue Equipment, Gaskets, Bolt Up, Blinds and Pancakes.

JNH Crew/Picker Trucks are equipped with a large assortment of tools, including air tools, cordless tools, wrenches and sockets up to 3", flange spreaders, manbasket, internal pipe cutting equipment, and more.

E80 Bobcat Excavator. Used for demolition work as well as excavating. Unit is equipped with a shear for cutting up piping and scrap steel on job sites.

Enclosed trailer to haul supplies to the job site as well as store them to minimize theft or lost tools, parts and equipment.

Bumper Pull Day Trailers with on-board generators, self aligning satellite TV and Incinolet toilets

JNH Has a fleet of Gooseneck trailers ranging from 30ft to 40ft, in addition to the 22ft bumper pull trailers.

JNH Has a fleet of Case Skid Steer/Track Loaders (SV 250, TV 370.)

We have wide range of equipment to provide high-quality services

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